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Silver Wolf Productions LLC

Jo Ann Palmer Designs

Metal Smith | Jewelry Maker | Artist


The feel of the metal in my hands. Working with it as it becomes the joy

and delight of my soul and this creation somehow makes a connection to someone

else. This is how I share my voice with the world.

There is a wonder in creating a piece of art. Being able to make something that

speaks to someone else with out saying a word. I suppose it sounds god-like, but

maybe all creators are a little "god-like." I create something, it has the ability to reach

your heart so you fall in love, connect with it or want to share it.

I use nature as inspiration for my art and jewelry pieces— colors, textures

and shapes. Everything about it intrigues me to look closer and I make more pieces

or people to take delight in, connect to and wear.

I studied metal smithing,  BA graduate of Seton Hill University and was apprenticed

 at Earth Dance jewelry for 2 years.  

I am very lucky to travel and meet people, explore the world and use all of this to

create the jewelry that brings joys, wonder, connection and whimsy.